Hello! I’m Matt and I put this blog together to share some of the interesting things that I’m currently working on. I’m a civil engineer, a web developer, and a woodworker, and I enjoy projects that allow me combine these skillsets. Some things that I’m currently working on:

Construction Data Services, LLC

In May of 2019, Guillermo Nevett and I launched Construction Data Services (CDS). CDS provides custom data analytics and software solutions for construction organizations.

PhD in Civil Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

I study construction productivity. Specifically, we’re studying how construction craft workers view and interpret construction drawings (blueprints) with eye tracking technology. Interestingly, there aren’t many metrics/methods for analyzing eye tracking data, so I’m developing some new metrics/methods and packaging them in a web app. When the app is finished it will be freely accessible to anyone that wishes to use it.

Van Build

I bought a 2015 Ford Transit that I currently live in and am converting into a camper van while traveling the country. I’ve designed everything, including: solar electrical system, plumbing system, propane cooking and heating system, etc, basically everything that you would have in a normal home, and construction is currently underway!


My current goal is to visit all of the national parks and UNESCO world heritage sites in the United States, in addition to any other exciting places that I learn about.