Hello, Hexo!

I’ve been learning quite a bit about serverless web development lately and today I came across Hexo! Hexo is a static site generator that makes developing a blog ridiculously simple. In about two hours, I learned how to use Hexo, generated this blog, commited it to Github, and served it up through Netlify.

Originally, this blog was a WordPress blog. WordPress runs on PHP and it requires a database, so I was running a MySQL database through a shared hosting service (translation: it was sloooooooow). Now, Netlify’s CDN makes this blog super fast from anywhere in the world, and I no longer have to pay for database or content hosting! The WordPress blog incurred hosting fees of about $100/year, but now that I’m using Hexo and Netlify, my only cost for maintaining this blog is a $22.99/year domain renewal fee. ❤️