Hello! I’m Matt and I put this blog together to share some of the interesting things that I’m currently working on. I’m a civil engineer, a web developer, and a woodworker, and I enjoy projects that allow me combine these skillsets. Some things that I’m currently working on:

PhD in Civil Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

I study construction productivity. Specifically, we’re studying how construction craft workers view and interpret construction drawings (blueprints) with eye tracking technology. Interestingly, there aren’t many metrics/methods for analyzing eye tracking data, so I’m developing some new metrics/methods and packaging them in a web app. When the app is finished it will be freely accessible to¬†anyone that wishes to use it.

Campervan Build

I bought a 2015 Ford Transit that I plan to live out of while traveling the country. I will design and build everything, including: solar electrical system, plumbing system, propane cooking and heating system, etc, basically everything that you would have in a normal home.

Road Trip

I’m planning a huge road trip to visit all of the national parks and UNESCO world heritage sites in America.